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Check-Out for the apartment

Last updated on 11 November, 2003

Print this file for handy reference!

First of all THANKS for helping us in the final check-out for our apartment. 

On this page, I am writing information that will help in the final check-out of the apartment.


What is Check-Out?

The check-out of the apartment means:

Important Things to Remember

  1. The apartment's keys must be returned by Monday 24 November, 2003.
  2. The electricity connection in the apartment will be closed on Monday 24 November, 2003 and there will be no lights in the apartment thereafter.
  3. Please kindly check-out the apartment as early as possible.

Contact Details

For Shailendra Musale
Shailendra Musale
Residential Address in Finland:
Kaskenkaatajantie 8E 45, FIN-02100 Espoo, near Tapiola, Finland.
Mobile: +358-50-4686-517 E-mail:
NOTE: I may not be able to check the emails so frequently. Hence, I recommend to send me a SMS (text message) at +358-50-4686-517.
Contact Details in India:
471 New Sadashiv Peth, Shriniwas Society, Flat No. 17, Pune 411030. Maharashtra State, INDIA.
Residence Phone: +91-20-4491058
For House-Owner 
Reijo Ailus
Phone: 09-4552822, Mobile: 050-5307860
For House-Agent
Kristofer Öfverström
Euro-Westhouse Oy LKV [A] (
Haukilahdenranata 4, 02170 Espoo, FINLAND
Operator's Tel: 09-43 55 100, Direct: 09-43 55 1010 GSM: 0400-44 88 88 Email:
For F-Secure Contact Person
Kristiina (Titta) Poikajärvi, HR Co-ordinator
Address: F-Secure Corporation, Tammasaarenkatu 7, PL 24, 00181 Helsinki.
Phone: +358 9 2520 5545, Mobile: +358 400 770 644
For Parikshit Kulkarni (Person assigned for Check-Out)
Mobile: 041-4728367, Residence: 09-4682853, E-mail:,
For Shreekant Lakshmeshwar (Person assigned for Check-Out)
Mobile: 050-4837210, E-mail: 
For Ravi Sethia
Mobile: 050-4867739, E-mail: 
For Surender Surana
Mobile: 050-4860428, E-mail:, 
For Karthik
Mobile: 041-5376302, E-mail: 

Disposing remaining items

Some of you have asked to reserve some items for you. We will try to make bags (with name-tags on it) for each person, so that it will be easy for disposal. 

The rest of the items (for which there is no tagging of any person's name), please negotiate among yourself and dispose the items as per your needs. The items that none of you need, please kindly dispose them off either into UFF-collection-bin (for clothes and shoes) or in trash-cans.

There is one UFF-collection bin near our house. Refer to the following map.
UFF-collection bin near our house

Returning Key to the Agent

There are total 3 keys to the apartment. Shreekant and Parikshit, either of you, please kindly return the keys to the house-agent. You will find one key (that we will drop from the letter-box of the door) lying near the door. Please do not forget to collect it. All three keys of the apartment, must be returned to the house-agent by Monday 24 November, 2003. After returning the keys and checking out the apartment, please kindly send SMS message to me at +358-50-4686-517 and send email to,,,, Reijo Ailus (house owner) at This way all parties will come to know that check-out has been completed.

Thank you very much to all of you for your kind help, we appreciate it very much :-)

Shailendra Musale, November, 2003