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Here is a short guide for saving attachments and unzipping ZIP files:

Saving Attachment files

  1. Open the email message by double-clicking over it.
  2. Go to menu File --> Save Attachments, as shown below:

  3. Save Attachments
  4. Go the directory where you want to save this file and click Save button.

  5. Save in the directory of your choice

Unzip'ing ZIP files

  1. Select ZIP file and double-click over it to open it. If your WinZip software is not registered, then you will see following dialog-box. Just select I Agree button.
  2. Then, you will see following dialog-box

  3. I Agree button in WINZIP dialog-box
  4. You will see WinZip Archive as follows. Here, select Extract button.

  5. WinZip Archivce
  6. Then, you will see Extract dialog-box. Here, do steps in squence, from 1 to 4, as shown below:

  7. Extract in squence
    1) Type the path where you want to extract the file. You can also browse the path from the Folders/drives window.
    2) If you type the path by hand, then select arrow button, number 2.
    3) Select this option Use folder names, so that you extract the file with directory sequence.
    4) Finally, click the button Extract.
  8. Now, go the path where you have extracted this ZIP file. You will see all files with proper directory structure in it.